Fascinating facts about woodpeckers: A woodpecker can peck a tree at 20 times/second with a force that is 10 times greater than would cause a concussion in human.  On top of this they might peck up to 12 000 times aday. So what protects the woodpecker from concussions? Many aspects. A tongue-supporting structure that wraps around its skull and attached between its eyes, acts like a seatbelt around the brain, absorbing most of the energy of pecking. Its brain is packed tightly within the skull leaving little room for movement of its brain to be banged around. Its brain is oriented so that a large surface is impacted during the back and forth pecking motion, thus spreading the force. Its skull is made of spongy bone called cancellous bone that is impact absorbing.

To support conservation, Adrienne donates 10% of bird print proceeds to conservation charities such as:

  • Bird Studies Canada – Canada’s leading science-based bird conservation organisation
  • the Owl Foundation (charitable organisation focused on owl rehabilitation
  • Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge (charitable organisation focused on nursing injured local wildlife and orphans). 

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